Gravity and slide rollers

Type 22

Conveyor roller with zinc plated steel roller bearing cartridge, fitted with a bright steel conical bearing. The roller bearing cartridge is standard fitted with a ring seal. Suitable for transporting heavy products op a roller conveyor or belt conveyor in a humid, dusty environment.

Type 22
Steel zinkplated
Steel con. bearing
150 KG
zink plated

Ø 20
M 10 x 12
M 12 x 20

sw 15 x 10
sw 14 x 10
Ø 20 x 15M 20 x 25
BD M 16 x 20
TubeSteel Zinkplated
Stainless steel
PVC 5005
PVC 7011
Ø 51 x 2.5xx