Motorized E-roller ER50 series

Drive rollers

Motorized E-roller ER50 series

Thanks to the combination of a strong brushless conveyor roller (the 50DRX and 60DRX), NDW has a new technology and power that is suitable for transporting light to semi-heavy products, up to 300 kg.

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Product Description

The ER50 series consist of motorized E-rollers which are brushless DC motors integrated in a conventional NDW roller with the primary purpose to drive non-driven rollers in conveyor systems. Typical industrial applications range from intralogistics systems to manufacturing applications which include product handling. The E-roller can be used in straight, curved and angled conveyor systems but also in specialized modules such as right-angle transfer units. Furthermore, the E-rollers are perfectly suitable for applications where zero-pressure accumulation is required.

E-Roller controllers

Each motorized E-roller must be connected to a compatible NDW motor controller such as the BC50 or BP120 controller. All controllers are designed to precisely control the behaviour of the motorized roller.

  • BC50
  • BP120
Budget Motor Controller BC50

• Single E-roller connection • 24Vdc power input
• Basic I/O control
• IP 20

Performance data

  • 100 RPM
  • 200 RPM
  • 400 RPM
Nominal speed (m/s)
Nominal torque (Nm)
Starting torque (Nm)
Starting Current (A)
0.13 2

Available speed setpoints: 0.05 – 0.08 – 0.10 – 0.13 – 0.15 – 0.18 – 0.20 – 0.23 – 0.25 m/s

Dimensions of the motorized e-rollers

The dimensions of the E-roller depend on the type of transmission type. When ordering a E-roller, the IL-value (enclosed length or frame width) should be used. Since NDW also manufactures the non-driven rollers, alignment between E-rollers and other rollers can be garantueed.

For other tube diameters, transmission types or mounting type contact NDW.

  • Without grooves – Mounting: M8 internal thread
    • Without grooves  Mounting- M8 internal thread
  • With grooves – Mounting: M8 internal thread
    • With grooves  Mounting- M8 internal thread
  • Poly-V – Mounting: M8 internal thread
    • Poly-V  Mounting- M8 internal thread
  • Poly-V – Mounting: HEX11 Spring lock
    • Poly-V  Mounting- HEX11 Spring lock
  • Round Belt header – Mounting: M8 internal thread
    • Round Belt header  Mounting- M8 internal thread
  • Round Belt header – Mounting: HEX11 spring lock
    • Round Belt header  Mounting- HEX11 spring lock